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Words cannot express how much of a God sent that Portia has been to me and my business! She is THE go to person for all things nurse related. She's an expert at promotions and is true to her word. She a wonderful addition to my virtual team!  

Lolita K. - Nurse CEO and founder

It's definitely beneficial to follow Portia and have her connect you with that target population that you are looking for. 

Tamika S. - Nurse entrepreneur

I've had several nurses take care of me and my wounds. Portia has been the absolute best. She has the best bedside manner and knows a lot about wounds. Here's to you,  Portia. Thanks for being patient and treating my wounds.

Benji D.

I think the world of Portia, because she's the best at what she does and I'm very lucky to have had her as a nurse."


After reading one of the blog posts I found it to be an excellent article and very comprehensive. I worked 20 years in home care, and if I were still doing that I would make sure all my students and new nurses I mentored got a copy. Definitely  will share with my former colleagues.

Debby- Registered Nurse & nurse educator

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