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Our newest spotlight is Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN. A registered nurse, writer, and podcast host she's certainly making waves.

1.)How long have you been a nurse? I have been a nurse for close to 13 years now... My first job as a psychiatric nurse started in April, 2005.
2.)Why did you decide to become a nurse? It is actually a funny story. I did not have nursing on my radar at all... it was suggested to me! My senior year in college I lived with two girls who were in the full-time nursing program. One of their mothers was faculty at the school of nursing. The three of them and my mother put their heads together on move-in day and decided that the accelerated nursing program was my next stop after graduation from a psychology degree. I haven't looked back!
3.)Tell us about your company, how you are connecting the community and healthcare, and how your business can help healthcare professionals. 
My company focuses on us- the nurses. I experienced severe burnout in less than five years. And while I miss working directly with patients, I feel that taking care of our care givers (us, nurses) I am indirectly helping the patient at the end of that relationship. Nursing from Within™ is focused on reducing stress, relieving burnout, and supporting nurses in happy, healthy careers. When the nurses enjoy their work and are in the job that best suites them as individual beings- then everybody wins! With an online network of over 15,000 nurses... I'd say that my company is impacting not only our profession, but healthcare and the general public overall.
4.)What are your passions outside of nursing? Boy- so many to speak of!! I love gardening and spending time in nature; I think that is my all-time favorite. I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, animals, being creative, and getting organized. Music makes me super happy and I LOVE to dance. I attend live shows often and of all of the jam bands, my favorite one is moe.
5.)Where do you see yourself, within the nursing profession, in 5 years?  Boy, that is a challenging question. One thing I really enjoy with my work is getting to showcase the work of other nurses. I am an expert interviewer and have interviewed hundreds of nurses both via my podcast and online program, The Art of Nursing. In interviewing other nurses, I get to highlight all of the wonderful work that they are doing. And through sharing these interviews with others, I am helping these nurses get their hard work and important messages out to the greater public. I would LOVE to grow my podcast to the point that I am a podcast host of some major organization that highlights how special nursing practice truly is.
6.) What are you most proud of/biggest accomplishment(s)? I am definitely most proud of the content that I have created in order to help nurses suffering from burnout and overwhelm. The Art of Nursing program, which I host annually online during Nurse's Week, helps nurses to re-energize and reconnect with the spirit and joy of nursing again. I get feedback year after year (the program is in its fifth year now) from nurses who are all over the experienced spectrum- ranging from just starting out to decades in nursing. They email or call me and tell me that The Art of Nursing program has inspired them and helped them to find their passion for the profession again. Hearing feedback like that makes me grin ear-to-ear every time! I am also pretty proud of my written content. My books Nursing from WithinYour Next Shift, and Stop Nurse Burnout have been read by thousands of nurses across the country!! I never thought I would be a published author- especially since my high school English teacher told me I would never go anywhere with my writing!
7.) If you were not a nurse what would your career be? A professional organizer! I love to purge extra stuff, put things where they belong, and figure out puzzles. In fact, any time I clean or clear out the clutter in my own home- I feel super calm and relaxed. That or a roadie, following an amazing jam band around the country!
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