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Our next spotlight is Elle Pierson. She's a registered nurse and owner/founder of Digital Healthcare Consultants, LLC. As well as the founder of The Nurse Consultant Network!

Elle will be hosting a live video, on January 25 at 8:30pm, cst,  exclusively in this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nurseceo/

 Learn all about Elle!

1.)How long have you been a nurse?
 I’ve worked as a RN for 13 years in various specialties and in various roles. The units and experiences I’ve had have all been pivotal in my entrepreneurial journey. The speciality areas I’ve worked  include, pediatric cardiovascular intensive care, neonatal intensive care, pediatric medical/surgery and hospital administration. While working in the hospital setting I’ve worked as a bedside RN, Charge Nurse, and Nursing House Supervisor.
2.)Why did you decide to become a nurse? 
While in high school I was introduced to the nursing profession while in a program called, HOSA (Healthcare Occupation Students of America).  This program allowed high school juniors and seniors to shadow healthcare professionals to understand the various roles of healthcare professionals. I was immediately drawn to the compassion, knowledge, and influence of the nurse. I was also intrigued with the limitless opportunities to work in various settings.
3.)Tell us about your company, how you are connecting the community and healthcare, and how your business can help healthcare professionals. 

Technology and the digital demand of consumers has changed the landscape for the healthcare industry. Healthcare consumers have options and do diligent research on healthcare providers before making appointments and investing in practitioners. Digital Healthcare Consultants is a consulting firm which helps healthcare organizations build, monitor, and manage their online healthcare reputation. My role in hospital administration provided me with insight into this pain. A pain in which, many healthcare providers and organizations do not know who to properly manage. Through consulting I’m able to educate and provide healthcare leaders with strategies to build and maintain a dynamic online reputation.

My desire to give back to the nursing profession with my insight and knowledge in consulting lead to the launch of The Nurse Consultant Network. Nurses embody “a lot” of information. This insight can be shared with the business world for nurses to take charge of their career options. I’m excited to share with RN’s the formula to working as an independent nurse consultant.

4.)What are your passions outside of nursing? 

I am a mother, smile enthusiast, knowledge seeker, travel connoisseur, meditation newbie and Tony Robbins super fan. I believe success leaves clues so I enjoy listening to those who have mastered the business world. On a typical day you can find me behind my macbook working with clients while listening to podcasts and audible.

My primary passion,  living in the moment (no iphone included).

5.)Where do you see yourself, within the nursing profession, in 5 years? 
Influence. Evolution. Innovation. In the next 5 years I hope to evolve the nursing profession by influencing nurses to use their knowledge to bring innovation to healthcare. This includes, partnering with nursing schools to educate students on innovative options in nursing and continuing to educate nurses through the Nurse Nurse Consultant Network curricula, and seminars.
6.) What are you most proud of/biggest accomplishment(s)? 

Years ago there was an increased incidence of SIDS in my community. As a nurse I was moved and wanted to do something to educate the community. I opened a maternity resource center and partnered with Babies R’ Us to host educational classes in the community along with an array of other services. With no previous business experience this venture was hard! It was a learning lesson and I was delighted to impact the lives of many new families.

7.) If you were not a nurse what would your career be? 
Great question! I’ve always been intrigued with dentistry.
8.)List all social media accounts and 
contact info for anyone who may want to contact you.

Email: info@thenurseconsultantnetwork.com

Website: www.thenurseconsultantnetwork.com

Website: http://www.digitalhealthcareconsultants.com/

Instagram: @Asknurseelle and @nurseconsultantnetwork

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/asknurseelle/

Facebook: @Asknurseelle and @nurseconsultantnetwork

Twitter: @Asknurseelle

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