Karina Hurley

Meet our next nurse spotlight, Karina Hurley, RN. She is the co-owner of StatRNs. Learn all about her!
1.)How long have you been a nurse? I have been a nurse for six years
2.)Why did you decide to become a nurse? To make an impact and to be a part of a profession that is compassionate, caring, holistic and patient centered. Being a part of people’s lives during the period that they are at their most vulnerable is very rewarding. Nursing is not just a job it’s a passion and the possibilities are in endless.
3.)Tell us about your company, how you are connecting the community and healthcare, and how your business can help healthcare professionals. Our company is new, we are nurses owned and operated and very proud to be making such an impact and such a wonderful profession. We understand nursing because we are nurses we are at the heart of it. We are able to send phenomenal nurse says to areas where they are needed! 
4.)What are your passions outside of nursing? My children are my heart and my family is at the center of my day today. I love traveling, exploring new opportunities, and continuing my education.
5.)Where do you see yourself, within the nursing profession, in 5 years? Expanding our business and our offices across the United States. 
6.) What are you most proud of/biggest accomplishment(s)? My nursing degree, I worked very hard for it for a very long time it wasn’t easy.
7.) If you were not a nurse what would your career be? Probably a travel planner.
8.)List all social media accounts and 
contact info for anyone who may want to contact you.
Email: karina.hurley@statrns.com

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