Lakesha Reed-Curtis


Lakesha Curtis is our next spotlight. A serial entrepreneur and registered nurse, check out her story!


 1.)How long have you been a nurse? 15 years..3 as a LPN and 12 as a RN

2.)Why did you decide to become a nurse? I can't remember how old I was, when my grandmother pitched the idea to me. I was really young. My little cousin had a nosebleed and my granny said “ girl you should be a nurse!" That's all I've wanted to be since that day.
3.)Tell us about your company, how you are connecting the community and healthcare, and how your business can help healthcare professionals.
1). Medical Solutions Academy. We offer training in Nurse aide, phlebotomy, cpr, phlebotomy Technician,Medical asst, Medical office asst, and medication aide. We are currently waiting on approval for a PN program. 
2.) I also founded Dream ChasHers which is a group of successful women cheering each other on. I have helped other nurses become authors and I have started training other nurses who want to open there own school.
4.)What are your passions outside of nursing? My family and Real estate
5.)Where do you see yourself, within the nursing profession, in 5 years? 
Opening another school and helping at least 100 nurses open their own. I also hope to have completed my DNP in Nurse Education.
6.) What are you most proud of/biggest accomplishment(s)? My kids. I look at the love they have for each other and the laughs they have together and that makes me feel successful.
7.) If you were not a nurse what would your career be? 
Girl, I don’t know!! Lol... thank God my grandma spoke being a nurse over my life!!! Amen!
8.)List all social media accounts and 
contact info for anyone who may want to contact you.
FB: lakeshareed-curtis
IG : lakesha_curtis

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