Ready for Spanish courses

Ready for Spanish is offering an online Spanish class for healthcare professionals. This class is perfect for healthcare professionals and will help you bridge the communication gap between yourself and your Spanish speaking patients. You can expect to learn over 250 Medical Spanish words and phrases to communicate with your patients over the course of 10 short days.

    The class is 100% online and if you can't make it live replays will be available and you'll also have Lifetime access to the trainings and materials. The class begins September 27th - October 6th.
This class is only offered a few times a year so you'll want to sign up ASAP. Space is limited! To sign up click here>>>
*Once you sign up you will be redirected to a screen to enter your registration details and you will receive a welcome email directly in your inbox.*


  • I would love to sign up for this course.

  • Great idea for NURSES looking to enhance their careers in the HOME HEALTH field!

    Jay Davis

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