Tiffany Jackson

Tiffany Jackson, LPN is our spotlight for June! Check out her story and cool business.


1.)How long have you been a nurse? 
I have been a nurse for 8 years.
2.)Why did you decide to become a nurse?  
I decided to enter nursing after my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I took my grandmother to her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. During that experience, I was able to see how knowledgeable and caring the nurses were to my grandmother. After seeing that experience that is when I knew nursing was my career choice.
3.)Tell us about your company, how you are connecting the community and healthcare, and how your business can help healthcare professionals. 
I am the creator/owner of The CareZONE Box, which is a monthly subscription box service for medical professionals. As medical professionals, we are always giving of ourselves to help our patients. We delay going to the restroom, taking lunch breaks and or own needs to care for others. This box helps to promote self-care, relaxation and pampering for the medical professional. I have also finished my first book called The Journey: Nursing and Beyond. This book takes a glimpse into my journey to nursing.
4.)What are your passions outside of nursing?

My passions outside of nursing would include reading. Two of my favorite authors are James Patterson and Brenda Jackson. I love learning about various items. I try to learn something new every day. I also enjoy creating handmade crafts like stethoscope charms, badges, and bracelets. It is very relaxing for me and I truly enjoy making these items.

5.)Where do you see yourself, within the nursing profession, in 5 years?
In 5 years, I see myself having completed my RN-BSN and MSN degrees. As I advance to those degrees, I would love to get some ICU experience. I would like to make a few mission trips to Africa. I would also like to own an assisted living center and staffing agency.
6.) What are you most proud of/biggest accomplishment(s)?
I am most proud of being a mom to such an awesome and smart young man. He is a straight A student, who is wise beyond his years, compassionate and caring. I currently

work at the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) clinic. When I first began to work for the VA clinic, I was very nervous because of the bad press that some VA’s have received previously. I enjoy working with the veterans. I have learned so much from interacting with the men and women. Some of my co-workers are also veterans and it is an honor to work with some of the best, brightest and well-trained individuals I am very proud to say that I work for the VA.

7.) If you were not a nurse what would your career be? 
If I were not a nurse, I would be a doctor or physician's assistant. I truly enjoy being in the medical field.
8.)List all social media accounts and 
contact info for anyone who may want to contact you.

Tiffany L. Jackson                                             P.O. Box 2154                                         Hinesville, GA 31310

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