How Crowdsourcing is helping Nurses land Jobs

It’s no secret that nursing skills are in high demand. It takes a certain personality to positively handle the stresses of nursing, and it seems like there are constantly a million demands on your time.

If you’re looking for a new job, just getting the energy to begin your search can be tough. When you finish a 12-hour shift, the last thing you may feel like doing is sitting down and looking for jobs.

Luckily, technology (and more specifically crowdsourcing) has made it much easier to not only find a great job, but also to find the right job.

What is crowdsourcing?

You might not have heard of crowdsourcing, but chances are that you’re familiar with the concept. If you’ve ever taken a Lyft or Uber, donated to a Kickstarter, or stayed in an AirBnB, you’ve experienced the power of crowdsourcing in real life.

The idea behind crowdsourcing is that it breaks down the barriers between professionals and amateurs, allowing anyone to earn their own money. It’s based on the ideas that relying on the skills and knowledge of users creates a better experience for everyone involved. After all, no one knows a product better than the people who use it.

In fact, in 2017 in New York City alone, there are over 14,088 Uber drivers, and millions of people use these companies each year. AirBnb typically has over 500,000 stays a night. Obviously, crowdsourcing works in other industries. But what about healthcare?

How crowdsourcing helps nurses find jobs

Technology already has a huge impact on how nurses work and look for jobs. Most nurses now have smartphones (in fact, 71% of nurses use smartphones for their jobs), which makes it incredibly simple to job search on the go. For busy nurses, the ability to job search anywhere is especially important, since there may only be a few hours in the day where you have the time and energy to search.

Now think about adding crowdsourcing to make job searching even easier. These platforms let nurses recommend other good nurses for awesome jobs and earn money for their referrals. Employers know that they’re getting the best people for their jobs, and as a nurse you’ll be able to help your friends find the job. Even better, making a referral takes only a few minutes. It lets people not only connect more quickly to jobs, but connect to the right job. 

Here at Relode, we believe that crowdsourcing is the future of healthcare hiring. Having good nurses recommend good nurses is not only better for the employer — it’s better for the nurses and ultimately, the patients they care for.

 Author: Molly Powers 
Editorial Manager for Relode

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