FREE Koala Qlip (Stethoscope Holder)


      I had the pleasure of conducting a product review for a stethoscope holder (known as the Koala Qlip) by Nurse Born Products. Nurse Born products is owned by Sarah Mott, a registered nurse, who founded Nurse Born Products to "showcase the amazing things that nurses create and to inspire other nurses to get their ideas out there." Sidenote: we'll be featuring Sarah, as one of our spotlights,  soon. 

 Does it work?

     Does a woodchuck chuck wood? How many times have you started to perform wound care, only to realize you have your stethoscope around your neck? Huge infection control issue. Imagine your stethoscope coming into contact with a wound or a sterile field. Yuck! Going into different people's homes and encountering some unsanitary conditions, lots of times, it has been unsafe to carry my bag, inside of their homes. I'd place my stethoscope, around my neck, hoping it didn't fall off, while performing assessments.  In comes the Koala Qlip! It's seriously the best thing! It comes in 5 beautiful colors, also! My favorite is the hot pink!



  • No more strained neck or neck pain, from carrying your stethoscope.  
  • No more infection control issues by placing it into your pockets.
  • No more bending over, only to have it hit your patient,  in the face. How embarrassing!
  • No more having your stethoscope, fall  off your neck, when you bend to pick up a pen or tie your shoe.
  • The best thing about it? You don't have to worry (as much) about people "borrowing" and not returning it. Uoull be less tempted to take it off and leave it lying around.  You'll seriously forget you're wearing it. 

     It is very lightweight, yet study. The Qlip can fit into the palm of your hand. The ONLY setback is that it takes some getting used to, but seriously you've made it through nursing, medical,  dental,  or therapy school a little qlip should be a piece of cake! It took me about three tries to become a professional qlip user. It's a holster for your stethoscope. 


Nurse Born Products has teamed up with Your Nurse Connection! One of my readers will win a Koala Qlip,  free of charge! Here's how to enter:

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  • Interesting concept!

    Anne Llewellyn
  • Love Nurse Born Products!! I have seen this wonderful stethoscope so many places it is no wonder that you are sharing it here. Great reviews for a much-needed tool for any nurse. Sharing!!

    Elizabeth Scala
  • An amazing product – makes you say, “why didn’t I think of that?”

  • This is a great idea! Healthcare providers don’t have to be worried about getting strangled. By their own stethoscope.
    Thank you

    Sheila Wilson R.N
  • I would love one of these for clinicals.


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