Meet our Brand Ambassador!


  We were on the search for the perfect person to be our brand ambassador. We received tons of submissions and it was difficult to narrow down! We are excited and proud to present to you all our brand ambassador: Kimberly Darpoh, BSN RN. 

    Kimberly is a recent BSN graduate from Chamberlain College of Nursing. She recently landed a RN position in the ER. She states, "my journey through nursing school had many challenges and it was surely a long road, but I'm thrilled to finally be here! My journey has helped to inspire not only my friends, but those I don't even know. Because of this I have dedicated my Instagram @nursekimdarpoh to inspire, motivate, and educate others throughout the world. The response, so far, has been beyond amazing. I'm so grateful that I have this platform and look forward for it to continue to grow!" 

    Our CEO & FOUNDER hand picked Kimberly and believes that she has many of the same values that Your Nurse Connection wishes to instill in others. Together, we feel that we can help bridge the gap between the community and healthcare on an even bigger platform. When asked why she desired to become our ambassador Kimberly responded, "If I'm chosen to be your brand ambassador, I'm confident that we can help change many lives throughout the world."

     We are so excited to welcome Nurse Kimberly to our team. You can expect blog posts, interviews, and much more from her! Not only is she our brand ambassador, but we aim to help her create an even bigger personal platform! Stay tuned for as Your Nurse Connection and Kimberly connect the community and healthcare professionals! We're lucky to have her! To celebrate and commemorate this joyous occasion use discount code NURSEKIM for 20% off your order! 


  • Love it she is an inspiration

  • This is such an amazing opportunity! Thank you for picking me! ????

    Kim Darpoh

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