"I'm just a girl with a stethoscope and a dream." - Portia Wofford, Director of Operations 

   Portia Wofford is an experienced  nurse with experiences in geriatrics, long term care, care  coordination and management, quality assurance, and patient education. She founded Your Nurse Connection to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and the community in which they serve through education, advocacy, empowerment, and support. Your Nurse Connection offers documentation education for long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and home health agencies; as well as strategies to assist facilities in gaining and retaining the top Millennial nurses.

     Often  being coined “The Millennial Nurse” and with certifications ranging from Alzheimer's Disease to Social Media Marketing, Wofford was recently named one of the "Top Ten Nurses to Lookout For" and chosen as an ambassdor for The Nurse Link's nurse expo. She's an official brand ambassador for BeneFIT Medical Apparel as well as an affiliate or ambassador for numeorus companies. As a contributing writer for platforms such as Nurse.Org, published author, and content marketer this "Generation Y" thought-leader is proving that millennial nurses deserve a seat at the table.

    Wofford also strives to bring respect, experience, and exposure to the role of the licensed practical/vocational nurse through entrepreneurship, leadership, and partnership. Her goal is to provide the practical or vocational nurse the confidence, knowledge, tools, and experience to gain independence and fulfilment in his or her nursing career. 

     Last but certainly not least, Portia is a devoted mother to one son. She actively participates in his extracurricular activities and is the team mom of multiple sports teams, robotics, and piano. She enjoys exercising, reading and writing, and is scheduled to add to two books to her published works. Additionally, she is a fashionista and enjoys styling her family and friends. A little known fact? Portia has an extreme phobia of escalators.