We aim to improve communication between clients and their healthcare providers:
  • We will coordinate care with our client's healthcare team to get the client in optimum health. 
  • We will educate the client so that he or she better understands their healthcare situations and goals. 
  • We will aid clients in adhering to their medical recommendations and follow-ups.
  • Our goal is to be client-centered and client-managed. Whether, in the client's home or virtually we will educate the client so that he or she will be able to take accountability and responsibility for his or her own healthcare.
  • We will work, on behalf of our client, to make sure all questions and concerns are addressed and answered, and that they understand the information being to given them by their providers.
  • We will work closely with managed care organizations to provide patient education and identify and bridge the gaps between patients and healthcare professionals, thus decreasing hospitalizations and improving quality of life. This can also lead to fewer health related complications and lower overall healthcare costs.
  • Medication reconciliation: Medication reconciliation is the process of comparing a patient's medication orders to all of the medications that the patient has been taking. This reconciliation is done to avoid medication errors. We will educate the patient on all medications and contact physicians with discrepancies.
  • If necessary we will work with patients, caregivers, and their healthcare team on referrals to home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, rehab facilities,  and etc. 

Who can we help?

  • Patients unqualified for home health services 
  • Patients at risk for multiple or reoccurring hospitalizations
  • Patients recently discharged from home health services who still require monitoring 
  • Patients with mutimorbidities
  • Physicians who have patients that he or she feels could benefit from education

Healthcare Professionals 

     Your Nurse Connection understands that a healthcare professional needs to be at his or her best to serve the community.  We offer advocacy,  empowerment,  education,  and support for ALL healthcare professionals. Our mission is to connect healthcare professionals with  tools, resources, people, businesses, and etc that will enable them to expand their knowledge and skillset, while making themselves more marketable. In doing this, healthcare professionals will be better equipped to bridge the gap between themselves and the community in which they serve.


Concierge Writing Services

Do you need a writer for your blog, employee or patient newsletter, or brochures? Maybe you need an article written but you don't have time. Our CEO and founder is a professional nurse with over 7.5 years of experience. She's  experienced in geriatrics, home and public health, wound care, care management and coordination, patient and caregiver education, and more. She also has access to an extended network of physicians, nurses, entrepreneurs, writers, educators, expert in various fields, and etc who are a wealth of knowledge. Recently,  landing roles as a contributing writer and author writing is pleasurable for her and she'd be thrilled to work with you! 

Diversity Training

Do you have a gap between your millennial employees and everyone else? Are you having a difficult time retaining or attracting  millennial employees? Are your millennial employees giving you a difficult time? We offer diversity training.  Let us bridge the gap between you and your millenials.